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Silent Voices

by Ayla Schafer

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I invite you in traveller from afar You come bearing stories, a lantern in the dark I greet you here, I welcome what you bring Though it may be hard to listen to I know you'll bring a change in me CHORUS Whoever you are you're welcome Come sit here by my fire/table The night is cold, my door's wide open Oh there's room for many more Tell me all your tales, your wisdom carried from many lands Whoever you are you're welcome Joy and sorrow I take you by the hand Hayaya hayaiyaiyo hayaiyaiyai yaiyo x4 A messenger from the truth of who we are A guide from within, silent whispers from the heart I listen deep, your breath brings new wind And I'm ready for the teachings I know you've come to teach CHORUS I listen deep to the silence within me x4 Whisper on the wind, the night holds secrets Into you I creep, wrap me in your stillness Hayaya hayaiyaiyo hayaiyaiyai yaiyo x4
From the Earth there are voices They say listen closely to the wind The elders live within me I carry a river of ancient blood in my veins Prayers are carried on the smoke I follow the course of this river´s flow I remember the call and I call to remember May the old ways always live on in me I remember (repeat) CHORUS I remember your songs, I remember your stories I remember the drum beat of this land I remember the wise ones who live in the silence Los voces que hablan en el silencio I remember timeless fires I will follow silent voices Wisdom Keepers whisper guidance Ancient songs stir my memory Heya heya ho Yo recuerdo los seres que viven en el cielo La memoria de las plantas Las canciones de mis ancestros Que cantan en el viento-ooooo En el viento- ooooo x3 We are spirit, we’ve always been here and here we always shall be This wisdom was born from the Earth and the sky and within them the secrets are held and never can die I sow these seeds for my children's children within our lives our ancestors breathe again For with each breath this prayer becomes woven We all carry an ancient wisdom
El amor es el agua infinita Divinidad fluyendo pura vida El río libre es mi sangre Mi sangre roja es el camino Por mi vida voy agradeciendo Me das la fuerza para seguir caminando escucha me a ti yo te llamo Wakantanka, Abuelas y Abuelos Con mi familia voy agradeciendo rezamos a la vida juntos vamos curando escucha nos, estamos llamando Wakantanka, Abuelas y Abuelos Canta a la luna y a la madre Tierra Canta dando vueltas al padre sol (x 4) Mi aliento es mi rezo Con el agua del amor yo voy llegando en mis venas tus ríos corriendo Mi sangre roja es el camino (x2) Translation Water of love      Love is the infinite water        Divinity flowing, pure life The free river is my blood My red blood is the path    For my life I am grateful You give me the strength to keep walking listen to me, I call you Wakantanka, Grandmothers and Grandfathers With my family I am grateful We pray to life, together we heal Listen to us, we're calling Wakantanka, Grandmothers and Grandfathers Sing to the moon and mother earth     Singing around the father sun My breath is my prayer With the water of love I'm coming In my veins your rivers running My red blood is the path
Here we enter, I feel you gather Feathers in your hair and in your hands Holding this circle, timelessly woven Keepers of the invisible kingdom Then I hear you say to me ‘We are the Ancestors We are the spirit beings of this land Lean into us, for we are holding you Weaving the threads of your life and guiding your hand We speak to your soul, we sing through your blood and we drum through your bones This memory that you've known You know what your spirit came here for We are walking you home, we are guiding you home Weya weya weya ho, Weya weya hai hai hai ho x4 We are the force that shows the way We are the light shining upon your path We are the spirit woven within this all We are the future the present and past We are the song lines of the ancestors We are the light that shines eternal We are the flaming fire within the Earth We are the memory of all tribal people We are guiding and protecting you We are breathing life through you Guiding and protecting you We are the breath of life breathing through Guiding and protecting you We are the spirit of life that moves through you Weya weya weya ho, Weya weya hai hai hai ho x 4 Weya weya weya hey, weya weya ho Weya weya hai hai hai ho x 3
Fluyendo 06:14
Agua Hermosa, permiso para orar A tus aguas cristalinas, espíritu divina Llevando tu bendición, curandera femenina Sangre de la Tierra, agua es la vida CHORUS Fluyendo, fluyendo, fluyendo Cantando tu canción misteriosa Celebrando, alegrando, enseñando con movimiento Bailando los ciclos de la vida Yo seré como el agua Transparente como el agua Fluida como el agua Clara y pura como el agua Agua, escuchando tu voz Hablando en la lengua de la creación Madre enséñame, guía mi camino A fluir con confianza, ser como el río CHORUS Vengo a escuchar a los secretos del agua Vengo a cantar con el misterio del agua Madre agua, Yakumama, Agua Sagrada, Mni Wakan
Grandmother speak to me, I am the Earth and the Earth is singing The water flows around this rock, the ancient ways I carry forth The river carries me Grandmother speak to me, I am the Earth and the Earth is singing The water flows around this rock, the ancient ways I carry forth The river carries me I am the Earth and the Earth is singing through me I am the Earth and the Earth is breathing through me I am the Earth and the Earth is feeling through me I am the Earth and the Earth is healing through me The Earth is healing with me I welcome it all, I welcome all these feelings I welcome it all, I welcome all these teachings I welcome it all, I welcome this healing I welcome it all, I welcome all that |Life brings, all that life brings, A wey ya wey ya ho |All these teachings that this life brings, A wey ya wey ya ho |We are healing, We are healing x 4 We are healing with the Earth (Repeat)
Hold to the light that is born of the dark Go now my child set this free Tattered are my wings but now I fly stronger I will allow this healing The howl of the wolves urges me onwards Feathers that open the clouds In the waters of this river I will be carried In the shaking of my heart I'll stand proud, I stand proud CHORUS Keep my heart strong, hold my head up high Open my wings in my breaking I'm collecting firewood, I'll be back at dawn I'll stand strong in my shaking I remember to remember I came here to learn this Be still with what moves deep in me I am a place beyond the pain, I am eternal I am the light I see I know nothing else, I am only this In the truth of my being there is only peace So I welcome you in, for I know that I know You've come here to teach me to spin straw into gold Sorrow into gold x 3 CHORUS Deeper and deeper, the deep calls me deeper x 2 Into the water I go x 4 I'll not back away, not be afraid x 3 Not back away, not be afraid of the pain The deep calls to deep (repeat)
Rose 05:21 video
Softening, softening, softening all the hardness Melting, melting, melting all that’s frozen Letting go, letting go of the sorrow Dissolving into love all the shadow CHORUS We are woman, we are bringers of life We are vessels of love, expressions of the divine Sisters hold my hand, you are stronger than you know We are opening to love, we are learning how to grow We hear the call, we are returning we remember We are like the rose we are stronger than we know x 2 Ancient mother, moving through us Roots growing deep in our ancestry Medicine woman, daughter, mother and lover Reclaiming the power of our ancient memory
Hay una voz dentro mi corazón La voz que canta la canción Del Dios que sabe mi camino Sigo adelante siempre sigo El viento que me lleva por el cielo La flecha de mi alma va volando Mi fe es la fuerza que me da vuelo A las cuatro direcciones los llamo Ooooooo x 4 Wiyokpiyata, Wiyokpiyata oooo (West) Waziyata, Waziyata oooo (North) Wioheumpata, Wioheumpata oooo (East) Itokagata, Itokagata oooo (South) Heya, heya, heya x4 Pachamama pachamamita oooo Tata wari, abuelo Tata wari oooo Mama killa, tu luz que brilla oooo Wayra wayra, espíritu que baila, soplando y curando cuando Canto, canto Oooooo x 4 Canto, canto, canto por el fuego oooo Canto, canto, canto por el agua oooo Canto, canto, canto por la tierra oooo Canto, canto, canto por el aire y los elementos y las cuatro direcciones Canto, canto oooo x 4
Spirit of the drum come speak in your tongue The language of the song of the soul It's the spirit of the drum that sings the song Of creation of life in my bones It’s the beat of my heart, it’s the sound of my ancestors Singing their memory through me For they live on in the beat of the drum Awakening when we call them Chorus We call with the drum Haiyeaaa We call to heart Haiyeeayo We call to the drum Haiyeaaa We call with the heart Haiyeeayo Calling, we're calling, we're calling, we're calling, we're calling, Haiyaiyaiyaiyo Return to the Earth, the elders dreamed this Our grandfathers dreamed us The ancient ones saw this A time for remembering, a time for believing To protect what gives life, to protect all that's sacred I give myself to the great remembering May the smoke of my prayer light the path that I walk Let go, let go, let go and surrender I am of the Earth and my life is yours CHORUS The heartbeat of the drum Haiyeaaa The drum beat of the heart Haiyeaaayo
I come to speak with you to listen to the silence of your voice I come to learn the truth, I come to see I always have a choice I turn inward, to find the stillness in myself I am part of the beauty all around me A breathing miracle, I am a prayer of life itself I am made of sea and stars and dust and wind x 2 CHORUS Ancestors gather around, spirit beings gathering All that I know is that my heart is remembering An ancient memory of all that we have been Wisdom of the invisible, the seed from where all life begins Hayahaya hayahayo Hayahaya hayahayo (repeat) I’m being given the key to find the place of trust in trust itself I am being set free, I am being shown the pathways to the home of my soul The path I walk is the path that was made for only me Life I trust that you bring me what I need This is shaping me, I am growing into life All these teachings are giving me wings CHORUS All I know is that I know you And that the Earth will always hold me All I know is that I know you And that the sky will always love me
Plumajera 04:59
Venimos a aprender yanahey Venimos para ver yanahey La obscuridad yanahey El misterio de la verdad yanahey Pinta, canta, cura medicina Sana, sana, planta curandera Rezando con la madre tierra Cura, canta maestra de la selva De la naturaleza nacen los secretos Escondido en los brazos del misterio Que la sabiduría de la tierra Siempre vibre, siempre viva x 2 Siempre vibre, siempre me guíe x 2 Trabajando con el espíritu Cura, canta plumajera Con las plumas del arco iris Oraciones curan la tribu Despertando la memoria Cantando las canciones Siete flechas del destino Abriendo el camino Las abuelas viven en mi Las curanderas respirando sabiduría de mi sangre Curandera cura mi gente Cura mi sangre x 2


'98/100...An outstanding album. A true classic'

Silent Voices” is an honest, creative, and timely release that both heals and inspires us to listen deeply. When you do, the silent voices are silent no more.
It offers a transcendental and grounding listening experience. Indeed, if you listen to it back-to-back, you will come out on the other side refreshed and with a deep sense of belonging'
New age music guide

'9/10 - An album to heal the wounds of a rough year... that sings of unity, healing and presence.'
Higher plains music


released November 20, 2020

All songs written & arranged by Ayla Schafer © Copyright 2020

Edited by Txai Fernando, Matthew Tweed & Nils “Noa” Lausund
Produced by Ayla Schafer and Txai Fernando
Mixed by Txai Fernando
Mastered by Jock Loveband @Urban Studios, Norway
Released by NIXI MUSIC

Artwork by Cedric Menard
Design by Irene Domínguez
Photography by Camilla Coutinho Silva
Cover Font designed by Sarah Notenboom


all rights reserved



Ayla Schafer UK

'A voice that should be heard' - Songlines​

'Spellbinding folk music infused with latin mystique’ - Songlines

Ayla is a multi-lingual ‘world folk’ singer-songwriter and a visionary musical artist weaving together a stunning repertoire of original poetic songs with traditional and tribal music.
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